Thursday, 19 January 2012

Oh No It Won't

"The last sigh of liberty will be heaved by an Englishman"

Montesquieu, in 1749

Janice Mason owns a house in Walthamstow, East London, which had been her childhood home and she was about to sell. She suddenly discovers that it is occupied by a family of Moldovan squatters — four adults and four children — who have changed the locks.
The police say they are powerless to intervene, because squatting is a civil, not a criminal matter.
Mrs Mason therefore faces a huge bill for securing these people’s eviction.
Yet any of us can see the injustice of her being obliged to pay a penny to get back her own property.

Mr Mason took this picture as police quizzed the squatters in the £250,000 three-bedroom house, but they say there is nothing they can do to force them out
In a properly ordered society, the Moldovans would be summarily removed by the police as soon as it is plain they have no legal title.
Beyond that, since the squatters have breached the code of behaviour we should expect to be observed by all newcomers here, they should be marched smartly aboard a plane back to Moldova. However, nothing of the kind will happen, of course.
Mrs Mason will pay one set of lawyers to get her unwelcome interlopers removed, if she is lucky. Another set, who parade themselves as crusaders, will leap to the Moldovans’ defence, their fees paid by us.
(Max Hastings, Mail Online)

For a moment, Idle imagines himself as Prime Minister:
PM Idle (for it is HE): This should be against the law.
SPAD: It is, Sir (!), but it's civil, not criminal.
PM Idle (to staffer): Hargreaves, find out what the usual lefty liberal objections are to making squatting a criminal offence.
Hargreaves: Yes Sir.
PM Idle (to SPAD): You have a month - then I want to see draft legislation to deal with this.
SPAD: The BBC will hate this.
PM Idle: Hmmm. Patten, Thompson, Humphrys, those 'comedians' from Radio 4...... round them up. Then kill them.


Send the boys round said...

Get the electricity and water turned today simply by informing the utilities that the premises will be unoccupied for the next 6 months. Then get a builder to construct an 8ft high wall all round (without door/gate). Then see how long it is before they come out. All legal and practical.

Sebastian Weetabix said...

Or on the other hand, send the boys round.

Democracy is two wolves & a lamb deciding what to have for lunch. It's liberty if the lamb is armed.

Anonymous said...

As long as you remember that British law has been produced by lawyers for lawyers, then nothing will surprise you.

Thud said...

your final solution for radio 4 cxomedians has a nice ring to it.

Elby the Beserk said...

"PM Idle: Hmmm. Patten, Thompson, Humphrys, those 'comedians' from Radio 4...... round them up. Then kill them."

Today should be renamed "The John Humphreys" show, as he clearly believes it to be so. So bad has he got that a Lefty friend of ours confessed that she now switches the radio off when Humphreys starts up.

William Gruff said...

A month?

Liberals like you have ruined this country.

Shoot one in five, pour encourager etc. and allow the rest a week to improve matters, shooting any suspected, whether reasonably or otherwise, of accounting creatively.

A month indeed.

Electro-Kevin said...

I'm surprised the owner can't witness something happening by peeking through her own curtains.

There must be something broken in her house she can blame on them.

Then she'd have a charge of criminal damage - the police a power of arrest.

Anonymous said...

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