Sunday, 1 January 2012


Paul Edward ADAMSON
Editor-in-Chief and Publisher, E!Sharp, Brussels. For services to promoting the European Union
I don't mean to be personal; for all I know Mr Adamson is a top man, kind to others, self-effacing and charitably minded. But what in the name of all that is holy is the world coming to when we award gongs to people doing this kind of 'work'?
All I can say is that he's not exactly hitting the bulls eye with this, is he? The EU is less popular than ever before in this country, and if he is being honoured by the British government for promoting the EU to the Europeans...... why? Let the scoundrels in Brussels strike a medal and pay for the insignia and scrolls out of their slush funds, rather than asking the poor bloody UK tax payer to cough.
Oh, and further to my last post, did you see a nice little dividend being paid up front to the Olympic panjandrums? TWO knighthoods, if you don't mind. One to someone called Allen and another to a poor fellow called Armitt. I know what we would have called HIM at prep school.
Thanks to the loyal commenters on the last post. I'll keep you posted on Somerset trips, Lil & Elby.


lilith said...

Your day will come Idle :-)

Elby the Beserk said...

We have a political system here that has completely disconnected the political classes (politicians, their massive support systems, the MSM) and those they depend on.

And then there is the EU piled on top of that, which has already perfected the above disconnect to the power of 10.

All supported by the taxpayer.

Vinogirl said...

Happy New Year!

Nomad said...

Somebody in the FCO must have been brown-nosing.