Thursday, 8 April 2010

Brown Bombs in the Ring

The first poll I saw after the election was called was 40/30/19 in the Tories' favour, and this seems to me to be the likely outcome. The Budget was the last chance to produce a rabbit from the hat, and poor old Darling couldn't even produce a mixy one, so empty was the warren.

The danger for our disgusting PM and his ragged bunch of unconvinced Cabinet supporters was that, once the election was called and Brown no longer so much the Prime Minister, more an incompetent plumber trying to justify his expense and his handiwork, he would not be accorded a great deal of respect.

And so it has proved.

First, the number of CEOs and Chairmen of Britain's best known companies who were prepared to sign the letter making the obvious statement that increasing tax on jobs resulted in, err, less jobs, grew like a snowball. (So far, the Labour party has press-ganged one single business leader, the head of Standard Life, to support their stance. Strangely, he was a privatisation guru to Thatcher all those years ago). In the old days, you'd never have got this number on a letter, but these guys either already have their knighthoods or are happy to assume that Gordon won't be dishing out any more after his dissolution honours list, which seems unlikely, in the current climate of a suspicious electorate, to reward too many people involved in our economy.

Then there was the heckler who accorded the Glorious Leader not a shred of respect yesterday when he demanded why his children couldn't get into their choice of (non-selective) state school. Even called him 'Gordon'. Gordon slunk into his car like a deaf mute and gave no response. When asked the same question during a set interview later in the day, he answered a different question, as is his wont.

And then Humphrys this morning. Brown was treated with disdain. As an ex-PM, in fact. Or as a never-would-be-a-PM like dear old Smiffy in 2001/2. It was truly pathetic. He was pummelled. Couldn't get off the ropes. He could barely raise his hands high enough to defend himself.

He will stumble around the ring like this for another four weeks. He might not go down, but we will all feel like throwing the towel in on his behalf.

No more than 30% of the votes cast will accrue to Brown and his horrid bunch of venal losers.


circus monkey said...

Wasn't the "To-day" programme wonderful to-day. A Knighthood for Humphries pleeeze!

lilith said...

Yes, JH did his job, managing to stop himself drifting off to the insane monotone "the problem was inflation". Brown showed how personality disordered he is. I don't suppose it will have done Labour much good.

Electro-Kevin said...

The claim of 'well managed' inflation doesn't work for Brown either in my book.

What good is a cheap DVD player or car if one can't afford to buy them because one's finances are too wrapped up paying forecourt prices and stupid sized mortgages ?

Why have Parliamentary allowances leapt in scale if real inflation has been low ?

I note that Snickers bars seem to have reduced in size - as have Easter eggs. It's not simply a case of price rises but what you're getting for the money; bulbs that blow, matches that splinter, batteries that run out in no time or cost an absolute fortune.

Low inflation ? On some items - especially if you don't mind buying chat. But the unavoidables and the essentials have been sky rocketting.

New Labour are shit from head-to-toe but somehow they are being let off the hook. A large swathe of the population don't think they're culpable - and a surprising number of those still blame Thatcher.

And as for the treatment of our military ... from since his time as Chancellor Brown has the blood of British troops on his hands.

It should not be a question of whether Brown gets elected again but why this odious creep is still alive.

Thud said...

I would not presume to know what the future holds for our country but for now I will settle for the enjoyment of seeing the end of this pack of larcenous,traitorous shits.

Philipa said...

Yes, Brown will probably lose, horribly. But the 'heir to Blair' is a poor pretender in comparison. There isn't the same faith in Cameron as there was in Blair in '97, even though some of Blairs success was stage managed. Cameron will win if Brown loses, not because Cameron wins.

Scrobs... said...

Even 'Toenails' Robinson has to admit that there's nobody capable of taking anyone's claims and putting them through the calculator. (he had to grit his teeth while he said it...)

I doubt anyone will really listen to them because they are just like Gordon Drown's tractor numbers, boring, and unintelligible, but they take up an awful lot of time when the noble Humphries is up off his haunches!

George Osborne could actually try and exhibit just a little more personality, and he'd wipe the floor with them, he just gives the wrong impression sometimes, which belies his real strength of character.

Lessons from Ken Clarke wouldn't go amiss...

Bill Quango MP said...

EK. The cocoa market endured its biggest shortage for 40 years in 2009.

The price of cocoa in London rose to its highest since 1985.

The rise is the result of poor harvests on the Ivory Coast, which grows 40 per cent of the world's cocoa beans, as well as trouble with supplies from other major growers.

The fact its priced in dollars doesn't help.
And the rubbishy Anti-obesity proposal that all chocolate bars and fizzy drinks need to be reduced in size by 2015.

Labour's legacy. - a smaller Mars bar for all.

Call me Infidel said...

Labour's legacy. - a smaller Mars bar for all.
Sadly I doubt they will adopt this as a campaign slogan :)

Brown has demonstrated for some time that he can't be killed by mere bullets. He is a zombie that refuses to die. However I think that support for the sewer party has peaked and it is all downhill now.

I hope he loses the plot in one of the live debates. I doubt it will happen, but sooner or later the mask will slip as it did with the Adam Boulton interview at the party conference last year.

Blue Eyes said...

I have sprung from being disenchanted with the campaign to reasonably enthused. The BBC seems to be cheerleading for the Tories?!?! Or at least both times I have switched on the news since the campaign started...

I do hope that Cam is serious about localism.