Wednesday, 28 April 2010

All Over Bar the Shooting

Well, that's him cooked.

What a plonker. It has been clear since 1997 that he is a deeply unpleasant and intolerant man and that his attractiveness to his client state is based not upon any human qualities but upon his uber-socialist wealth distribution agenda and appetite for 65% of GDP to be his responsibility; any relaxation of government spending being "taking money out of the economy", as though the population keeping and spending a decent proportion of its own money was somehow unproductive to wealth creation and the sustainability of the country's economic footing.

Idle, having at first suggested a 40/30/20 split between Con/Lab/Lib (and then recanted), now inclines towards his earlier prediction, except that Clegg now occupies the silver medal position on the podium (in itself, a laughable concept).

Must be Dave's lucky day.


Electro-Kevin said...

Is it really Dave's lucky day ? Only if those Labour voters switch to Tory and not to Lib Dem.

Dave's fucked it and doesn't deserve my vote.

idle said...

Kev, Cleggy's getting a nosebleed at these levels in the polls. Icarus springs to mind.

Look at how Dave dealt with the father of the spina bifida child yesterday, and then compare to McDoom today. People will see this and take note.

If LiberalDave doesn't take his trousers off and wave his todger around at tomorrow night's debate, it is his for the taking.

Not an impressive Tory victory in store - more like Chelsea sneaking a 1-0 extra time win against the Blind School - but a victory nonetheless.

I hope.

lilith said...

Car crash.

apricotfox said...

Somebody...I think it was a memmber if the debate audience last week said that Gordon thinks the state IS the economy....and if he had his way, it would be..100%. BUT GAWD BLESS Mrs Duffy! What a star!
And 'mortified'? Yeah...coz he got caught...banged to rights..
And, yes, Cleggy is Icarusing it now.
Best of all, though...can you imagine Mandlescum and how he is feeling right now??!! How we laughed!

apricotfox said...

Sorry..that shd have read 'member of'....getting over-excited here!

Scrobs... said...

The stupidity of immediately blaming somoeone else just sums up this incredibly disgraceful failure of a man in 'charge'.

And if Rochdale is as marginal as the pundits say it is, well, it's a cert for the Cyril Smith lookasoundalikes now...

No wonder Cleggybollocks was being all magnanimous and saying it could happen to anyone; he'd just won the first seat!

And there's nine days to go!

Thud said...

It's divine intervention as far as I'm concerned,we need allt he help we can get and now call me Dave has a chance to at least pull us back from the brink.

The Refuser said...

Scrobs Rochdale was Cyril Smith's seat it's currently held by a limp dem with a fairly slim majority (444) though I expect that will be substantially enhanced now.

I think the factor that the media are not really focusing on here is that McBruin has really only been exposed to normal people on rare occasions. Now we see why.

Many of us here have long held the view that Brown is a duplicitous, bully-boy with potential mental health issues. Now the rest of the population has seen him as we see him and I suspect they will not be impressed.

Mandleslime and Harperson have made pitiful attempts to put a positive spin on this but the damage is done. Anyone who watched his bizarre performance outside Mrs. Duffey's home will have to have doubts about his sanity now. The rictus grin was disturbing to say the least.

Electro-Kevin said...

I've watched the news over and over.

I can't stop laughing. It is utterly utterly exquisite.

What a denouement for The Scowling Cadavar.(my play on The Laughing Cavalier) He really is like a rather pissed off corpse.

I think Dave Cameron is a genuinely nice chap btw. Always have. He's just too far left for me.

Bill Quango MP said...

It looks like a victory.
And Mandelson looks like an old time coach with nothing in his playbook except Smear, say Ashcroft/Thatcher, or its all a Murdoch plot.

But I wonder if he really has lost it. This is the man who convinced the world that Tony Blair was a 'pretty straight kind of guy.'
He kept the lid on Ecclestone,Iraq,Peerages sold for cash, Unite, Dodgy accounting and the Brown/Blair rift amongst many, many other events.
Could he suddenly have just given up?

Would Mandelson really have Brown with Elvis, the old woman, and Peppa Pig at the same time as he's just be in the Iraq enquiry, The Greek debt blowing up? Those IFS figures just leaked out?

"Mervyn King is warning that the victor in next week's election will be forced into austerity measures that will keep the party out of power for a generation, according to the US economist David Hale.

Mandelson may not be such an old coach after all. Sacrifice Brown to get out of the way of the debt crisis, while appearing as his staunchest ally. Get miliband in in two years time.

"Ok..Gordon ..Go long! I'm going for a hail Mary on this one. Tonight say that we should join the Euro and abolish the monarchy...Yes I know but Trussssttt meeee Gordon....trussst innn meeeee."

Philipa said...

Events, dear boy, events!