Monday, 26 October 2009

Send for Clouseau

Fact One: Blair Government Reneges on Referendum Promise on Constitutional/Lisbon Treaty
(Headlines, 2005-2009)

Fact Two: UK Government Throws its Weight Behind Blair as First European President
(Headline, BBC News, 26 October 2009)

At this point, put on a macintosh, cloth hat, and leather gloves. Effect a franglais accent.

"You will notice, Cato, ze old 'It's no longeur ze Constitutional Treaty' ploy. Even zat madman Dreyfus would be able to decifer zis one. Cato, my leetle yellow friend, I 'ave ze detective's instinct and I can tell you zat zere ees something distinctly feeshy about zis. Even ze organ grinder and hees minkey would be able to solve zees."

"Cato....... Cato? NOT NOW, CATOooooooooooo!" etc

Call me an old cynic, but I do believe this was planned before 2005. Where are the Tory attack dogs to point this out in a way that even the bovine Labour clientstate voters in the Northern inner cities would understand and find revolting?


Thud said...

Idle....never ever underestimate the relative density of us northern inner city types,nulabour never has.

Scrobs... said...

Of course it has been the cheating lying bastards' plan for years Iders!

Trouble is, that the rot started with the Tories and went downhill from then on. Labour, after switching their ideas, saw a way to keep their grubby paws on some sort of power for ever, and with the big war criminal now ensconcing his letterbox wife in luxury, we can all watch with amazement from now on.

Remember the posters saying "Yes to Europe, No to communisim"?

Savonarola said...

Somehow I cannot see the Frog-Kraut Alliance allowing an Englander to appear on the summit planting the EU flag.

Of course they have to pretend that Blair is a 'good' candidate whilst they operate under the radar to organise a 'surprise' choice as President.

Blair sold his soul to Bush for CMH. He will make an ideal Pres for this corrupt arrangement that was originally stitched together to ensure that the Krauts did not trample across France again.

idle said...

Thud, international property tycoons with close links to viticulture are not my imagined constituency when I talk about northern inner city clients of labour.

idle said...

From the Speccie blog this morning:

"Isn't it funny how things change? A few years ago, Brown could barely stand to talk to Blair. But now, according to the Guardian, he's got civil servants lobbying on the former Prime Minister's behalf in Europe:

"Gordon Brown has asked two of his most senior civil servants to lobby discreetly within Europe for Tony Blair to become its new president amid warnings from allies in government that the former prime minister will lose his chance unless he launches a dynamic campaign.

John Cunliffe, the prime minister's most senior Europe adviser, and Kim Darroch, Britain's EU ambassador, are taking soundings at senior levels. David Miliband, meanwhile, has also intensified Britain's campaign for Blair to become the first president of the European council."

Downing Street have since rejected the claims, as well they might. To my eyes, this kind of lobbying veers a bit too close to politicisation of the civil service - maybe not strictly acting on Labour's behalf, but acting at a Labour Prime Minister's behest on a former Labour Prime Minister's behalf. It doesn't look good."

Thud said...

Idle...My slight prosperity is down to low cunning and a burning desire to never grace a housing estate in Liverpool ever again.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

Where is Camerhoon? Not a feckin' peep out of him or his cronies.

Vote red, vote blue. We'll be rubber-dicked either way.

Philipa said...

Agree with you comletely, Idle. But also with Scrobs - it started with Heath.

Where's Boudica when you need her?

lilith said...

Can you imagine the mass nausea triggered by Blair becoming El Presidente?

The chemists would run out of Losec, Omeprasole, Gaviscon extra strength and the queues of the despairing on Clifton Bridge would stretch to Birmingham.

Surely not. Please not.

Vinogirl said...

....and Thud's close link to viticulture is how much wine can his sister spill on him.

Anna said...

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