Saturday, 31 October 2009

Anorak Corner

Christopher Monckton is no ordinary fellow. Outspoken and trenchant, he could probably start an argument in an empty room. But he is bright, and determined. He has argued credibly and loudly against Anthropomorphic Global Warming, and whilst you won't see him on the BBC (heavens, no!) those honest folk at Fox News, uncomplicated by Leftism and guided by their loyalty to their constitution, gave him a slot last week. A proper slot, lasting an hour, with the company of John Bolton, that fine undiplomatic diplomat, who calls a spade a bloody shovel.

I have given you part one above. But YouTube has to break things up into bite-sized bits, so there are 6 more after this (with a bit of overlap in places). I urge you to visit that vital haven of sanity, WattsUpWithThat, which gets 2 million hits a month, for the remainder of the show.

Are you enough of an anorak to listen to the whole lot? I was. Did you follow the mathematical demonstration first time? No, nor did I.

Copenhagen is going to cost us hundreds of billions in tax over the next few years. I smell a big fat multinational government rat. Our own discredited and ludicrous Prime Minister says we have 50 days left to save the earth, as does the quite mad Prince of Wales (but God bless our monarchy regardless, we've coped with madder and badder ones than Charles before). I think a huge and cynical con is being played upon the taxpayers of the developed nations. All power to Lord Monckton, slightly strange fish though he may be. Listen to his argument.


Nick Drew said...

if I get a moment the anorak will be dusted off ...

one normally needs other protective gear when listening to Monckton: in my experience over many years a good rule of thumb is - whatever he says, the opposite strongly commends itself

if, like a stopped clock, he happens to be right this time, it will be a shame - but entirely his fault - that no-one will listen

one thing is for sure: the mention of $100 billion will have every 3rd-world kleptocrat salivating

hopefully, Brown's dreams of saving the world again will vanish with the crowing of the cock

Philipa said...

Corr 'ello gorgeous.

I will of course watch the vids but until that time, and after learning that Suzanne Moore has been speaking in defence of the white working class, I thought I'd leave a greeting.

I think a huge and cynical con is being played upon the taxpayers of the developed nations Me too.

electro-kevin said...

There's always just enough time to save the world. That's a crucial element in the con trick.

idle said...

It is true, Nick, that Monckton made some strange and draconian remarks AIDS when we were first told it would be a pandemic (indeed, he fuelled the fire). AIDS, like almost all health scares since, turned out to be wildly overstated and pretty boring.

I'd be grateful for more info on his other Big Wrong Calls.

Evening, pip.

Nick Drew said...

at the other end of the spectrum from AIDS, a particularly fatuous & hilarious one was his doom-laden campaign against automatic ticket-reading turnstiles in stations (sic)

he said he could 'prove' they would be (a) very unsafe and (b) the cause of immense delays, so that the rail and tube networks would grind to a halt

his proof was, I fear, not up to the usual mathematical standard ...

the words 'attention' and 'seeking' spring to mind

idle said...

Cripes! A man who opines in apocolyptic tones about ticket turnstiles is certainly in need of a hobby, that's for sure.

Still, everyone should believe in something. I believe there's just enough time for another small glass of whisky befor bed time.

Thud said...

Fox news is the most watchable news over here and reasonably balanced...Obama wants it gone of course.