Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Scarcely Missed

Allen Klein picked July 4 to pop his clogs. By all accounts he was a sonofabitch. But I guess if you manage to sign yourself into 20% of the earnings of the Stones, then the Beatles, you are some kind of successful sonafabitch. He certainly wasn't on the Stones' Christmas Card list.

This picture tells the Beatles story quite well. Lennon did the deal that McCartney didn't want, and guess who else was involved? Yep, that great 'artist' and beauty, Yoko Ono.

Neil McCormick writes a good blog obit of him as well. This is how it starts:

Last week, I was talking to an acquaintance of mine, a rock critic who also writes obituaries (which is perhaps not such an unusual career combination, given the low life expectancy of most rock stars). I asked whether he prepares his obituaries in advance. “Only Allen Klein’s”, he replied. “I hate that man so much, it gives me pleasure to write his obituary.”

And this is how it ends:

Discussing his reputation, Klein once remarked: “Artists fuck groupies, I fuck the artists.” Perhaps that’s what should be written on his headstone.


Scrobs... said...

"Perhaps that’s what should be written on his headstone"

...or perhaps just his head!

What happened to Michael Jackson's Northern Songs then?

Perhaps Mucca will buy them back to settle a few scores...

Tuscan Tony said...

Excellent and interesting one which I completely missed. Thanks.

Elby the Beserk said...

Macca bought back Northern Songs from Whacko a while back, Scrobs.

Trubes said...

What a delightful chap. I know a few people like him all of the same ilk!
Thanks for your comments on my site Idle , good to hear from you!


Scrobs... said...

Thanks Elbers - that vital bit I clearly missed, but as we're near neighbours, I thought I should know...!

That's why I'm so famous of course - HEY D'YOU KNOW WHO I AM????

'I'm sure Matron will tell you if you ask her nicely Scrobs...'

William Gruff said...

I've never liked the Beatles. Mrs Gruff is a Scouser and has many original bits of that sort of plastic however.

Anonymous said...

What's yellow and lives on dead beetles?

Yoko Ono!

Boom boom.