Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Pictures Worth a Thousand Words

Idle has Lord's to attend to for the next couple of days (notwithstanding his 20th wedding anniversary), followed by a week in the hills above St Tropez from Sunday. Still, nobody said it was going to be easy.

In the meantime, for those of you who have had trouble understanding song lyrics in the past, a geeky friend of mine has put a few into PowerPoint language. I hope these may help:


Alceste said...

Things you ain't (in percentage terms, obviously):

A hound dog - Zero

Anything else in the whole wide world including the AIDS virus and Hitler's love child - 100

idle said...

Please stop:
1. Lying to the electorate
2. Unlimited immigration
3. Paying Abu Hamza's benefits

Please don't stop:
1. The carnival

Alceste said...

Don't stop:
1. The carnival (only a fool would disagree)
2. Exposing Brown's mendacity
3. Praying for a KP double century

Do stop:
1. In the name of love, before you break my heart.

Bill Quango MP said...

Michael Jackson's death.

Unlikely causes:

Good times

Likely cause:


idle said...

1. Your crying
2. Your sobbin'
3. The world, I want to get off

Don't Stop:
1. Thinking about tomorrow
2. 'Til you get enough

lilith said...

Very funny. Have a lovely day.

electro-kevin said...

Happy 20th anniversary to you both. Ours is 18th this year ! That seems unbelievable.

unlikely cause of Michael Jackson's death - sickle cell anaemia. Only black guys suffer from that.

Philipa said...

I love the song lyricy thing, thanks.

Hope you have a fab holiday, Idle. Is there Bingo and gin rummy?

20th anniversary? Lucky you. Best wishes for 20 more, I'm glad you found each other x

Vinogirl said...

I can see clearly now...PowerPoint is here.
Happy anniversary.

Philipa said...

Vinogirl - the rain has gone.

I can still see all the obstacles in my way though :-/

apricotfox said...

Great post, as usual.
Oh frabjous day, when England FINALLY manage a win at Lords after 75 years. Hurrah!

DirtCrashr said...


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