Friday, 13 June 2008

Brave Bogtrotters Banish Brussels

Idle intake of Guinness at lunch today was above wise levels. Subcontinent plutocrats unlikely to understand reason for slurring and carelessness this afternoon.

But all worth it.

Gowan, gowan, you little Oirish beauties!


Tuscan Tony said...

Cold standing about for the pic, the Tuscan reckons. A fine pair. On both of them.

Next post in late July, then, Idle?

idle said...

If I score a ton for Milland and Iping in the grudge match at Lurgashall on Sunday, be sure that I will take you through it, ball by ball, the next day.

The Lakelander said...

The Irish joke is on us....they got a referendum....we didn't.

Off to see the cheese-eating surrender monkeys, now!

Nick Drew said...

OT - we have a little compo going that you might like to enter ...

EmmaK said...

Those are some fair irish lasses, but if you go to Ireland many are big and built like brick shit houses, which was fine in ye olden days, but now all the E European sexy immigrants are stealing their thunder with their patent stilletos and bleach blonde hair.

idle said...

My own experience, emmak, is that the paddyettes are lively, spirited, keen, but a bit lippy.

BTW, Tuscan - I had to make do with 27 not out off 15 balls in a vulgar form of cricket called Twenty20. Two stylish sixes over midwicket; one off the front foot, one off the back, one slightly dented silver Rover. It was just like watching Gower, I gather.

Barnsley Bill said...

I doubt the one on the left is a bog trotter. The other could not be from anywhere else.

Tuscan Tony said...

Twenty20 is to cricket what a crack pipe is to a meerschaum.

hellengrad said...

You guys are a bunch of fuctards. You hang out with Barnfed Bill, you suck each others balls, and you sniff each others buttholes.

You should clean up your act. We don't need people like you spreading AIDS and wart viruses.

Lilith said...

I agree BB. The one on the left is a Czech. :-) You have a nasty stalker.

Craig said...

Irrespective of their source of origin (and we the British are a "mongrel nation", as I believe that nu-Lab traitor Tony Robinson once referred to us) they're a fine pair of fillies!

idle said...

Anyone know who this hellengrad monkey belongs to?

Barnsley Bill said...

That would be mine. Profuse apologies. I have grown a troll/ stalker and it has been pouring shit all over my blog for a couple of weeks. It has now decided to upset my entire blog roll as well.
I have been on to Google and Telecom NZ so hopefully we have seen the last of it.
Again, my apologies.

The Beast Of Clerkenwell said...

I'd take the one on the left if my tastes werent a litle more exotic.
Mr Idle, any chance of your plutocrats sorting me out with some heavy artillery?
(Bofors would be good)
Blogging is a fucking ball ache at the moment.
I was thinking of putting on some kind of show ,Firing our Tuscan chum across Hyde park and having him land in a huge vat of fruit flavoured beer and charging people to watch.
Let me know if you can come up with the goods.

The Beast Of Clerkenwell said...

Its nice that Mr Idle allows you to post, carry on disgracing yourself (+:

Tuscan Tony said...

Beast, an offer I could not refuse - do you have a barrel large enough to receive the incoming missile?

i like tits said...

What a pair of fucking munters! Still, lovely set of baps on each!

idle said...

I couldn't possibly comment on heavy artillery or ordnance, beast.

However, I am prepared to act as a middleman if you wish to hire or acquire a trebuchet in order to lob the Tuscan over the Serpentine.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

Nice pair, Idle. Being of Irish stock myself, I prefer the dark-haired, blue eyed colleens myself, but ginger will do.

Old Holborn said...

"I prefer the dark-haired, blue eyed colleens myself, but ginger will do."


A man after my own wank bank. You can keep your suntanned blondes, your asians and your Spice Girls. A quick tumble in the potato shed with Katleen and Dermot's sister Bernadette and I was hooked for life.

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