Sunday, 23 September 2007

Only the Luvvies will Miss Him

The monotonous old fart can now do his famous "stuck in a coffin" turn, which we have all so enjoyed ever since he started doing it in 1920, or whenever.

Was he as dull as Charlie Chaplin, though?


Lilith said...

I remember this scary man from seeing him on TV as a child. He made me cringe and switch over.

Mermaid of Moorgate said...

I hate mimes, but I hate clowns more. Bloody kiddyfiddlers all of them. "Wanna see me bend a long pink balloon?"
Had I known the phrase: "Fuck off and die until you're dead" I would have said this as a child. However, I just used to cry and run to mum/dad for protection.

Nick Drew said...

I always preferred Mr Alternative Car Park

I am a Mime

My Body

is my Tool

(or am I the only one old enough to remember?)

Lilith said...

No Nick you are not. Mr Alternative Carpark is burned deeply into my psyche...I just couldn't remember his name...Ha ha ha!

Nick Drew said...

perhaps he has emerged from the depths of your psyche in the form of a spot ...

(coming out in sympathy for the loss of Marceau)

Mermaid of Moorgate said...

Mr Alternative Carpark???

Wozzis? Have I missed out on something for which I should be grateful to my over-protective parents?

All I got was Mr Dress-Up, Sesame Street and some man singing: "Oh the mailman is a person in your neighbour hood, in your neighbourhood, in your neighbourhood...."

Well I did grow up in Canada

Nick Drew said...

So: not much satire in Canada then eh, Mermaid ?

... or did Mr Dress-up have his moments ?

Hercules said...

Fucking mine artists!

electro-kevin said...

No mime act is complete without the old pane of glass act. In fact, before glass there was no mime (never mind the fact that none of them were clever enough to get their noses to move round and round !).

So really, the credit ought to go to Everest double glazing and not this doddery old twit.

Tuscan Tony said...

This Is Spinal Tap gets it right with Billy Crystal as the mime-artist waiter; checking one of his subordinate's waitering (bit slow and professional), he urges "c'mon c'mon - mime is money"

Just one excellent line in the whole edifice that is Tap.