Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Hang 'em High

There is a clear case for capital punishment for the imbecilic savages who killed a young soldier with a machete today in broad daylight, in full view of the public, and then paraded up and down the street chanting the standard Islamic phrases, inviting their picture to be taken.

No good can come of their being saved from death by doctors, returned to health, sent to prison, and YES, you guessed it, released in due course, to become leeches of the state, being unemployable, having no money for food and shelter. They will cost us all a hundred grand a year for the rest of their cursed lives. Doubtless they will father children during 'conjugal visits'.

Opponents of capital punishment rely on the element of doubt. Better that a hundred guilty men go free than one innocent one put to death, etc.

In clear cut cases, let's dispense with the bleeding hearts and open the trapdoor. It won't bring us down to 'their' level, nor will it up the ante in the ongoing culture/religious war. The enemies of western liberal democracies have nothing but contempt for our weakness.

Disgusted of Sussex


Thud said...

I've always been anti capital punishment. I've had enough, they need to die.

Sebastian Weetabix said...

Indeed. I believe they wish to be "martyrs". So by all means, let us oblige them; everyone will be happy at the outcome.

Electro-Kevin said...

The WPC did a good job but I'm a bit disappointed with the stopping power of the MPS issue Glock.

Surely a Browning HP would have been more final.

Enriched, moi? said...

What's good enough for Gaddafi or Saddam is certainly good enough for these two. As somebody suggested elsewhere, they should be held in a military prison for a week/month or two while the authorities sort themselves out. Whatever is left can be put on trial at some future date.