Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Bare Faced Liar

Clegg, quoted on Sunday: ‘When I hear people from the Right say all the money should come from poor people . . . I’m saying no, hang on a minute, let’s make sure we do this as fairly as possible.’

What does this poltroon take us for? What, even, does he take his LibDem conference audience for? We all know that this is a bare-faced lie. He has never heard any such thing. No such people exist. He will claim it's all part of political rhetoric, etc, but it's no more than a completely crass and dishonest representation of  'people from the Right'.

He should be forced to apologise, first for blatant dishonesty, and secondly for his grotesque grammar: 'I'm saying'. You are a 45 year old Oxbridge educated man, for heaven's sake, not a teenager trying to sound like a Californian.

What a lightweight. Boris wrote yesterday saying we should save the Cleggster, if only because he delivered us from yet more of the Brown Terror. Clegg did no such thing; as Andrew Lansley admitted a fortnight ago (which some of us had been recommending two and a half years ago):

In normal circumstances, with that election result, there would not have been a coalition. We’d have formed a minority government, put forward a programme, challenged the House to support it or not and after a decent interview – probably a few months – we would have had a general election and would have almost certainly won a majority.

The reason this didn't happen is simple: Cameron's personal ambition, in inverse relationship to his courage.


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Weekend Yachtsman said...

If Cameron couldn't win a proper majority even when up against Broon, then he never will.

As we all know.

Elby the Beserk said...

Agreed on all that. Clegg is a total reptile. I have written to "Badger" Heath to note this, with regard to Clegg's hissy-fit about the Lords. Clegg is prepared to give Labour as much help as possible to get back in, all because he has not been allowed to reform one of the few government institutions that actually seems to do its job.

I think we may be seeing the Lib Dems go into auto-destruct? Who will miss them? Not I.

Hospitable Scots Bachelor said...

Has the self righteous little ******* ever MET any poor people?

idle said...

I read piece by the estimable Mark Steyn just now. It works well for Cleggy, so to quote Steyn quoting Orwell:

Thus, the “pansy left,” in Orwell’s designation: They’re fearless when it comes to fighting imaginary, phantom enemies. Not so useful for the ones actually out there.

Nick Drew said...

OT, Idle but I have posted the threatened Boundary Changes piece

I have a feeling you have some trenchant views of your own (family show, mind)

Elby the Beserk said...

Carswell lays into his peers here...