Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Home Thoughts From Abroad

It's damn hard trying to write original posts when under the influence of clement spring sunshine and quaffable Provencale rosé on a week's 'working' jolly to Cannes.

So, having given hearty 'hear, hear' to Bill Quango, I feel I must do the same for Ed West of the Torygraph. Ed may look as though he is growing the most scrofulous beard since Geoffrey Rush in Pirates of the Caribbean (ginger, to boot), but he is of sound mind. He articulates my views very well. He is bang on about Francis Maude, my old MP in Sussex, who is an utterly appalling individual, not really Conservative, and worst of all a crashing bore. Here's a taste of Ed's piece:

I know I’m not going to win the 2012 Award for Political Insight by comparing Cameron to Edward Heath, but there are similarities, and they grow more pronounced the longer his premiership lasts.

When Maude uses phrases such as “turn the clock back”, he is in effect signalling to social liberals that the Conservatives Party shares their worldview, even though the bulk of the British population does not.

As it happens, I don't want the Tories to lose the next election. These times are crucial to the wellbeing of the nation in the long run and four or five years is too long to allow experimentation in idiocy by the likes of Mr and Mrs Balls, Harriet Harman and the rest of the clowns' convention that makes up the Labour front bench. But this coalition is not a great deal better, is it? Christ, I hope there's a proper Conservative readying himself for regicide. Cameron is a busted flush.


Nick Drew said...

Cameron a busted flush

I recall, Idle, you promised us that an AA Milne parody would flow from your pen upon this very contingency becoming realised

idle said...

Crikey. Did I? I hope my muse is somewhere near. Perhaps she can sit next to me on the train from Cannes to Paris tomorrow morning.

Nick Drew said...

oh yes !

Scrobs... said...

Suppose you're thinking of flying home tomorrow then...


Electro-Kevin said...

It seems that we all linked to BQ's great comment.

Dave Cameron ?

I'm bracing myself for union action over McNulty. Saving those pennies for strike days.

Were it not for his broken promises on quangos, immigration, welfare ...

I might have taken all this lying down. I would have stood up for Cameron at branch meetings and even the AAD.

Having voted for him he's let me down on every single promise.

So fuck him. I'll be joining the militants.

Electro-Kevin said...

PS, Isn't there a risk - with the ill fated hostage rescue - that any more failures like that and he'll be likened to Jimmy Carter as well as Heath ?

(No slight on our brilliant SBS btw)

Let's hope the Falklands don't kick off.

Philipa said...

With you completely - Cameron is a busted flush. But all the polls show significant support for the coalition maybe because the opposition is so bad? They're all hopeless. But who would vote for Mr Ed?

Hope you're having a splendid trip, Idle.

Thud said...

I'll just hold my nose and hope for the best.