Wednesday, 10 November 2010

It's Me Human Riots, Innit?

Dwayne, 21, from Weston-super-Mare, is reading Immediate Gratification Studies at Keele University. He is pictured here at Millbank Tower, on his way to lobby his Member of Parliament.

Chief Inspector Lee Feckless, of the Metropolitan Police, defended his officers' stand-off tactics, saying "at this moment in time, and being mindful of the danger of the situation escalating, my officers were instructed to apply for triple time and start filling in a few forms ahead of what will be a busy period for them tomorrow, when they will be filing trauma reports and seeking time off on full pay to try try to come to terms with what all of us can agree has been a very difficult situation".

Banker VV Idle, of Mayfair, a passer by, said: "Personally, I'd give them a ten minute warning and then run the bastards down with mounted police and batons. Some of the chaps at work have suggested water canon with indelible ink, others have suggested tear gas and stun grenades. No one thinks that these people are really students, or that if they are, that there is any possible chance of them turning into productive members of society. One of our brightest young bankers suggested swapping them for intelligent, industrious and well-meaning immigrants who would like to enter this country, which we all agreed would be a double net benefit. An older colleague suggested shipping them to a remote Hebridean island and leaving them to fight each other like Lord of the Flies."

David Cameron is abroad.


Elby The Berserk said...

Very good. How to shoot yourself in the foot, by the NSU.

lilith said...

I am so glad Calfy decided against university. It is clearly no place for a lady.

Philipa said...


Blue Eyes said...

I had a wizard time at University, but in retrospect I don't believe there was any reason for the taxpayer to foot the bill for it.

I think the Daily Mash summed it up perfectly.

Philipa said...

I do. No funding means you get the education your parents can afford. It's not a meritocracy. We've tried that and it didn't work. The Boer war (& Crimea? Can't remember) taught us how stupid it was to have a bunch of witless toffs in charge, simply because their daddy had money.

Blue Eyes said...

Except that nobody is suggesting that the fees will be due "up front". If you think you are doing a degree that will help you in the long run then the debt will be justified. If you are doing an interesting but ultimately unprofitable subject why should anyone pay for you to study it?

Thud said...

As a working class chappie who greatfully recieved a grammar and university education courtesy of the taxpayer I see no reason why my children should. As for the riotersI would be only too happy to seem them on the recieving end of a good kicking...I'd even provide the kicking myself.

Bill Quango MP said...
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Bill Quango MP said...

Knowing only a few people who went, as I never did, a comparison of salaries might shed some light on the relative merits of a degree.

If I think of 5 people who have an education of college or less,the University challenged, they are all £30-80k. No more than that.

If I think of 5 people who went to uni, one earns about 60K. Two more 90K+. Another is easily in the 180K and the final is well over the million, annually.

Can't help feeling I should have gone.

Philipa said...

Blue - I take your very good point. With degrees in surfing and ghost-busting Uni's have become little more than expensive creches for some of our literate yoof. But I would prefer a return to good Uni courses and the return of Technical colleges/polys rather than this mess.

BQ - if you makes you feel any better I have two degrees and am as poor as a church mouse. However, my Uni friends, who did not get run over, all live in £1/2m houses and send their kids to private school :-/ As long as you have your health and are loved, you really do have everything. Scrobs has all that PLUS weapons of mass construction.

Scrobs... said...

True about Uni intakes under Bliar, which was yet another ploy to get numbers off unemployed lists at any cost.

How we all laughed at the standard jokes in the seventies and eighties, when a 'computer programmer' was an utter nerd.

Not so funny now.

The best students I ever met were showing off their engineering skills at an exhibition at Goodwood.

Their expertise?

Engineering; and they'd built a car ro prove it!

Tuscan Tony said...

It seemed to the Tuscan to be a raw display of Chinese made non-natural fibre clothing, with not a heather mixture shooting coat nor a conker-brown brogue in sight.


Philipa said...

Wishing you a very happy new year.

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