Friday, 14 May 2010

Polecat Update

Norman is like Marmite - few are ambivalent about him. Idle, of course, considers him to be a brave and principled man of great common sense and no little understanding of the working man. Like his doughty Prime Minister, he came from humble stock, worked hard, was a public servant and patriot far beyond the call of duty, and deserves huge credit for doing so much of the heavy lifting of the 80s and early 90s which allowed Blair and the disastrous Brown to pump up the bubble we so recently saw burst.
You might be surprised that he sees more to agree with than not in the Grand Coalition Five Year Plan. I think he articulates it pretty well.
One thing he does not mention is liberty, though it is never far from his thoughts, arch Eurosceptic that he is. Then again, the agreement doesn't shed much light on the subject. But we do know, because they have said so, that both Con and Lib agree that hundreds of petty interfering unenforceable laws introduced by the intolerant and fascistic Blair and Brown might get cut in a big repeal bill. Well, let's hope so. Mark Steyn, who writes so well on this subject, puts his opinion here. If the Cameregg government claims to sense the public mood, they will deal with this idiocy. Nick Herbert's appointment as police Minister, with his appetite for reform, is a good step.
It's not all bad, this coalition. Into each life a little rain must fall, and after the biblical deluge of the past 13 years, we must try not to be too discouraged by the drizzle that a soft-left ConLib government promises us. There may even be sunny intervals, during which idle proposes to score many Gower-like runs at the crease and then celebrate with rosé or good ale. I wonder if I can reproduce a moment as memorable as THAT catch last year?


Thud said...

one just needs to think of the attrocities carried out on our nation weekly by Brownie and all becomes lighter and easier to deal with.

apricotfox said...

I am just SO happy that I will never ( I hope ) have too see Brown's twisted rictus EVER AGAIN!
And THAT catch again? Maybe not...looks like a once in a lifetime effort..but other triumphs await, no doubt. X

Nick Drew said...

that's the spirit, Mr Idle !

(trust we shall be meeting up next month)

Electro-Kevin said...

I like Marmite. He's not been his old self lately - a number of incidents spring to mind.

I fear Cameron is a lefty. Why don't he and Clegg (instead of recreating scenes out of Brokeback Mountain) form a new party ?

The Con-Dems sounds like a good name.

(I can't claim that gag for myself unfortunately)

rvi said...

Make him Minister for Quango* Eradication and Destruction. QED.

A couple of months should see it through.

*Might even be able to get Bill of that Ilk to assist him?

Electro-Kevin said...

I think Peter Hitchens about sums it up.

I am dismayed that so many people are comfortable with Cameron in office - the Lib/Con coalition clearly suits him. He has more affinity with Clegg than the right wing of his own party and this is the most convenient of marriages for him . I think it's the worst of all possible outcomes for Britain.

We wanted welfare dealt with NOW

We wanted the Human Rights Act dealt with NOW

We wanted immigration dealt with NOW

Cameron has already reneged on key pledges. He cannot be trusted. He is most certainly NOT the closet traditionalist that real Conservatives were hoping he would be.

At least ten years now for the party we need to emerge ... by which time the lights will be going out and we will be over run with a different culture altogether.

Elby the Beserk said...

This Brown ... remind me, who was he?

As for the coalition, well, here in the South West, it simply reflects the political demographic down here, so will do well. Add to that the outrage displayed by so many of the Labour persuasion that they should have been so comprehensively stitched up is a delight to behold.

Scrobs... said...

You ruined a perfectly good post by mentioning 'rose' right at the end!

Up to then, I thought I agreed with what you said, but 'rose'...


Tuscan Tony said...

My impression of Norm was the leather-jacketed Spitting Image thug, until I read his autobiography a couple of years ago. It is a shame he was characterised for much of his front of the house career as some sort of far right hooligan, for his book shows him to be a principled decent man who pulled himself up by his own efforts. A top egg.

Nick Drew said...

Vitaï Lamenta

There’s a breathless hush, twas a close-fought fight
No.10 gained in a famous win.
A bumpy economy, money tight -
Bad; but at last our man is in.
And it’s not coalition that sticks in the throat
Or the selfish hope of avoiding pain
But History’s Hand on the tax-payer’s scrote -
'Pay up! pay up! and pay again!'

The exchequer’s books are sodden red,
Red with the ink of a bank that’s broke;
And Darling's out; New Labour dead;
And Mandelson gone in a puff of smoke.
The river of debt has wrecked the banks,
As Brown skulks off with blackened name
And the tax-payer hears, as Sterling tanks-
'Pay up! pay up! and pay again!'

These are the words that year by year,
Whenever a Chancellor’s plans are set,
Everyone who pays tax must hear,
And none that hears it can forget.
This they must all – yes, each man must
Bear through life like a ball and chain,
And cursing Brown for his boom and bust
'Pay up! pay up! and pay again!'

(apologies etc etc)

idle said...

Drew, you surpass yourself! I was observed by my lackeys chortling at my desk, and though they sport a 2:1 in history and a Desmond in politics between them, had no idea about Newbolt. One of them at least recognised Play Up, Play Up etc.

I am forwarding this now to the ancient Commander Idle, who will need no help with a reference....

See you in a month. look forward to it.

Anonymous said...

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