Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Happy Christmas

This not very good photo, if you can believe it, is a suburban house just north of Bridgetown.
The comfortable winner of the Barbados Christmas Bling competition, which I can tell you is a keenly contested annual event.
I won't claim to be a student of kitsch, but I particularly like the way they have done the palm tree in the garden. The satellite dish on the right of the house's top floor flashed like a UFO; you had to see it live to appreciate the wondrous vulgarity of it all. Click on the photo for a slightly better image.
Another great holiday on that happy and delightful island.


lilith said...

I am glad you have had a lovely holiday. A good time to get away too.

That kind of house bling will be illegal by next year, you mark my's making the world all hot, don't you know.

Have a great Christmas!

Thud said...

Christmas and palm trees always leaves me unsettled hence my retreat from California last week. I hope you and the family have a merry Christmas wherever you are.

hatfield girl said...

Have a great Christmas, Mr I.

idle said...

Thud, I agree. So we have returned to the South Downs, taking a temperature change of 32C to -2C and a suitably white countryside about us. My chain saw has been doing overtime.

Lil, I am sure you are right. One could say that the house "was lit up like Al Gore's Tennessee mansion".

Thanks, hattie, and the same to you.

Scrobs... said...

I really did think that you'd been on a river boat Iders!

It looks just like one (at night), and no doubt, you'll have plenty of New Orleans stuff in your Christmas sock come Friday!

Have a happy Christmas Dear Chap, and the kindest regards to the Iders Clan!

Elby The Beserk said...

That would be the annual "Fuck Global Warming" comp? :-)

Merry Thingies, Idle, to you and yours.

El-Kevo said...

Happy Christmas to you and yours too. How could a holiday in Barbados at this time of year NOT be a success ! Glad you had a great time.

El-Kevo said...

Agree with Elby, btw - fuck global warming !

Ho ho ho !

Shelly Rayedeane said...

Happy Christmas!

Do you think everything happens for a reason?

I do.

Bill Quango MP said...

Have a very happy christmas

Vinogirl said...

OK, you one-up-blinged me. I suppose Napa wineries are too understated...I'll try better next Yuletide.
Merry Christmas from the staid Napa valley.

Trubes said...

Glad you had a lovely holiday Idle,
Snowy Greetings from your favourite City,

Merry Christmas to you and all at 'Idles Idyll',


El-Kevo said...

BTW - did you bump into Simon Cowell on his jetski ? I hope you did ... real hard.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, Idle!

Philipa said...

Merry Christmas, Idle. Wishing you a warm, wonderful and sparkly Xmas!

45govt said...

Glad you enjoyed yourself - I preferred the white Christmas we experienced in Hampshire. That 82F thing can get you down.

Happy New Year to you, the delightful Mrs Idle, and the Idle nymphettes.