Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Next Year's Model

Click on the pic for larger image and so you can read the text. Didn't the Tuscan just buy one of these in the East Midlands?

UPDATE: The launch of this model has been cancelled and replaced by The Bankrupt, an exciting new model that utilises all the parts we can find in the inventory. All GM's Senator models are to be recalled and scrapped, by way of showing dissent.

UPDATE 2: The launch of The Bankrupt has been cancelled with immediate effect. The new model, sponsored by the US Treasury, is provisionally named the Last Chance Saloon.
(I'll get ma coat)


lilith said...

WTF is going on? I can't believe they are getting this bailout.

idle said...
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idle said...

2 million jobs, directly and indirectly, lil, I'm told. As goes General Motors, they used to say, so goes the USA.

Where will I get spare parts for my 10 year old Ford Explorer, with its 4 litre V6, in order to keep it at its *cough* most economical?

Jimmel Fixit said...

For spare parts you could try Mr Dave General at 62 High Street, Scotton Pinkney who seems to be able to lay his hands on all sorts of vehicular related stuff at the drop of a hat.

el reapero said...

'2 million jobs, directly and indirectly, lil, I'm told.'now the unions are jsut cutting out the middle man and sucking straight off the public teat.

my jaw bit the tongue that feeds it tother day when I heard two old ladies on the bus saying how gordon should bail out woolies.people in this country dont have a fucking clue and i include myself in that estimation

yours the fat spaniard

idle said...
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idle said...

Thanks, El Gordo.

The extraordinary thing about the lower classes who sought a Woolies bailout is that it appears not to have occurred to them that the same goods are available in a wide variety of other shops, often more cheaply.

As James Dyson never said, nature abhors a vacuum, and any failing company which deals in fair-priced goods for which there is demand WILL BE REPLACED.

C'est tout.

Tuscan Tony said...

Well, the German end of the marque, albeit handbuilt by Jose the magnificent, apparently. I do not recommend the East Midlands, by the way, except perhaps as the site of Heathrow runways 3, 4 and perhaps 5. I doubt their arrival and construction would
even be noticed in Leicester.

electro-kevin said...

But I DID buy one of their shitty cars.