Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Good Man Down


Speccy has it better than I can, with a good video clip:

I was planning to tell you about the sea bream I caught in Table Bay off Cape Town this afternoon, but it can wait.


Tuscan Tony said...

Thanks for the link, I skimmed his obit this morning but will take a proper look at the linked video restrospective when I have a free hour.

Re your bream, as it happens I was just about to tell the story of my trip to Budgens earleir in the year to pick up a 48 pack of fish fingers, but it can wait.

idle said...

The Tuscan riposte is noted, and approved.

The conference is now over, and idle will be dining at The Codfather tonight, courtesy of Schroders.

If last night is anything to go by, my Russian and Polish language skills will improve as I fight to reatin my modesty and honour in the face of almost overwhelming female east european odds.

electro-kevin said...

Ha ha, Tuscan !

I've just bought meesel' a sea fishing rod and reel, Idle. I'll report on my exploits.

Thus far I seem a natural at catching crabs and brutalising ragworms - but no fish as yet.

PS, just seen an incredible programme on a guy who swims close up with Great Whites and hypnotises them - serious !