Friday, 3 July 2009

Ten Out of Ten

I'd say it was unimprovable. The usual guff will be written by the usual culprits, much of it ending up in Pseud's Corner at Private Eye, but I will say this:
It was a wonderful, warm-hearted evening, from a happy band (happy? Damon Albarn was gob-smacked that they could "do nothing for ten years and return to this").
There must have been twenty thousand people there, on a hot afternoon but beautiful balmy evening, bouncing to the hard rocking stuff and pouring their hearts out to the ballads. Tender went on forever (literally - I heard a gang still singing the chorus as they got off the Portsmouth train at Guildford at about midnight) and the other highpoints were To The End, This is a Low, and a great final encore, The Universal. A proper all-round band, Blur.
The idle daughter just loved it. A memorable night.


  1. Sounds a great evening, Idle. So glad you and your babe had such a memorable time.

  2. I remember being in a pub in East London When Parklife came out....the Juke Box was turned off and the album was on loop over the sound system.....the bass line in Boys and Girls was influential to me as a bass player at the time....and the some inventive guitar work lucky sod I watched some of it on you tube...didn't like the idea of the bear bottle going in the air though asking for trouble...but I am getting old.

  3. You had a great day Iders - and it takes a Daught to do these things believe me!